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[Gcam Apk] Google camera Apk Download For Huawei Phones

[Gcam Apk] Google camera Apk Download For Huawei Phones

Welcome to the BootAndroid. if you are looking up for a stable or working Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones then you are at the right place. Here you will get fully working Gcam [Google Camera] apk mod For Huawei Phones. All the Bugs of a Front camera is fixed in this Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei phones. Now you will capture images like DSLR Camera Or Portrait mode without any blem in Huawei Phones. now let us download the Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones –

Gcam Helps to Capture back Ground Blur Images in Huawei Phones you can also say that it helps to capture Images like DSLR in Huawei Phones which will perform Better Picture Quality Then  Stock camera. The installation of Gcam [Google Camera] Apk for Huawei Phones is done with the help of Custom recovery or TWRP For Huawei Phones .


Features of Gcam[Google Camera] in Huawei Phones

You will get many of the features in Gcam [Google Camera] For Huawei Phones such as- Portrait m0de, Lens Blur, HDR+ mode. These all features help you to click pretty and natural image in Your Huawei Phones.

Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones has two types of Portrait modes – Lens Blur and Portrait mode in Huawei Phones difference between the both is listed below. Here you will get bugs fixed Gcam [Google Camera] Apk for Huawei Phones with best Camera settings.Gcam [Google Camera] apk Huawei Phones Will works in both types of Roms – Stock Rom or Custom Rom in Huawei Phones. But you will Get Best Performance of Gcam [Google Camera] apk in custom Rom of Huawei Phones. Now let us know How to Install Gcam [Google Camera] in Huawei Phones

For using Gcam [Google Camera] apk in Huawei Phones Mod it is necessary to change the API  of the Huawei Phones. For installing Gcam [Google Camera] mod Huawei Phones should be unlocked and any custom recovery should be installed. Gcam [Google Camera] Portrait mode in Huawei Phones will also work in Single camera Mobiles as well as Dual camera.

The Arnova Gcam [Google Camera] for Huawei Phones is ported for many of the devices. Gcam [ Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones is available here are not downloaded from the play store. Gcam [Google Camera] mod Downloaded From Playstore is not workable for many of the devices. but These Gcam [Google camera] apk will work in your Huawei Phones Now let’s download Gcam [Goolge Camera] for Huawei Phones.

gcam google camera apk

Gcam[Google Camera] portrait mode In Huawei Phones

Gcam [Google camera] in Huawei Phones Has good AI of detecting edge whether it is a single camera device or dual camera device. Gcam [Google Camera] of Huawei Phones Allows you to enable Portrait ZSL mode and zoom while clicking portrait images.  Gcam [Google Camera] Portrait Mode of Huawei Phones Works on post-cessing. It means portrait mode works after clicking the Shots in your Huawei Phones. Gcam  [Google Camera] Portrait mode of Huawei Phones will also work at little bit long Range. While the dual camera devices support 2-3 meter range on the stock camera app.

ROOT Huawei Phones

Gcam [Google Camera]  HDR+ Mode In Huawei Phones

Gcam [Google Camera] in Huawei Phones Helps to Capture ULTRA HD  Images with good zoom details and natural colors. Gcam [Google Camera] of Huawei Phones Saturation is very close to natural colors Image should not be over or Low in saturation. HDR+ Mode in Gcam [Google Camera] for Huawei Phones will work properly after flashing or installing Camera2API in Huawei Phones and apart from this you have to also apply the best and compatible setting in your Huawei Phones Gcam [Google Camera]

Lens Blur Mode In Gcam [Google Camera]



Gcam [Google Camera] Huawei Phones Also supports you for capture portrait shots of any object. You can Select an object which one you want to focus and after that apart from the object you have focused everything will blured. You can select blur density in Lens Blur Gcam [Google Camera] in Huawei Phones . You can Also use this feature if the Huawei Phones Gcam [Google Camera] portrait mode is not working in your device.

Gcam google camera apk

Gcam [Google Camera] Slow Motion in Huawei Phones

Gcam [Google Camera] for Huawei Phones Records videos in slow motion and the main positive point is you can also record your voice within slow motion video recording in your Huawei Phones. Slow motion recording in FPS is not the same in every device FPS is depended upon the cessor of your Huawei Phones.

TWRP Reovery For Huawei Phones  

Requirements For Installing Gcam [Google Camera] Apk in Huawei Phones

  • Huawei Phones should be unlocked.
  • Custom Recovery or Magisk Root is necessary in Huawei Phones . [TWRP Huawei Phones  ]
  • Camera2API for Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones .
  • Compatible Gcam [Google Camera] APK for Huawei Phones .

Download Gcam for Huawei Phones – Gcam


Android Pie for Huawei Phones  

 How to Install Gcam [Google Camera] APK In Huawei Phones

Installation of Gcam [Google Camera] APK for Huawei Phones is done by below step by step cess follow all the cess attentively.

  • Download Camera2API in Huawei Phones.
  • If Device is not unlocked [Unlock bootloader Huawei Phones ]
  • Power off your Huawei Phones
  • Press Volume Up and Power button to boot in custom recovery.
  • Come in Installation Section.
  • Browse the Camera2API zip file.
  • And swipe to Install.
  • Magisk users can also install the Camera2API from modules.
  • Now install the compatible Gcam [Google Camera] apk for Huawei Phones.
  • Now enjoy with best portrait mode camera for Huawei Phones.
  • Thanks for visiting Bootandroid.


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